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Search engines use algorithms to determine ranking orders in their index. These algorithms measure the "relevancy" of a web site rewarding those which appear to most closely match "what" the algorithm is seeking. Having your site optimized by a professional search engine optimization service like MetaTagMD means your site will become more visable to users searching for keyword terms related to your site.

Search engines want the most "relevant results" for their users, right? The engines are saying... "play by these rules and we'll include you in our search engines database" Problem is, most people are not aware of these rules and think once their site is designed, you simply start submitting to the engines. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, search engine optimization should be taken into consideration prior to site design if at all possible. However, using our guidelines below, you can better understand why we suggest the following optimizations prior to any submission campaign.

Keyword Popularity - first we research what the most "popular" keyword terms are that relate to your business. We provide you with an actual list of keyword terms and the number of times they were looked up the month prior. Why be #1 for a keyword term that is rarely search for? Let our search engine optimization service do the work so you don't have to.

Page Text - We make page copy suggestions using the popular keyword terms discovered in our "Keyword Popularity" research. You simply incorporate this "power copy" into the text of your web page. Keywords must appear within the actual text on a page if you expect the engines to give you credit for them.

Image ALT Tags - Some engines read "micro content" or ALT tags as if it were actually visible text on the page. By entering a short "relevant" statement which includes a keyword or two, you can use ALT tags to increase your keyword density resulting in a favorable bump in some engines.

Meta Tags (including Title and Descriptions) - Certainly not the cure all, but if you compare a search engine to a library. You can easily see that a web site submitted without optimized meta tags is like a book being randomly stuck on a shelf somewhere. Maybe someone will find it and read it, but the chances are unlikely. Same with engines, they need to have a better idea of where your site should go in their index. Blindly submitted sites are rarely found and with good cause. So get optimized meta tags first, then submit! Hint: optimized means popular keyword terms used!

Properly formatted meta tags insure that when a search engine sends its "robot or spider" to crawl your site, it can successfully gather information about your web page. The optimized content in those tags will help your site obtain much higher rankings than if you don't have your meta tags optimized.

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