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We submit your web site pages consistently so your search engine positions not only maintain visibility, but will improve during the run of the campaign. We only submit to the major engine's since they account as the starting point for over 85%+ of all Internet user searches.

* Get your site ranking fast! - Our submissions notify the engine "robots" to "crawl" your web site and gather relevant optimized content and meta tag information from your web pages. Once collected, the search engine "robots" deposit your web page information into a data repository until the search engine runs its next index update. (usually every 30 days) Consistent monthly submissions insure that your web pages will be updated in the search engine's most current index.

Important - Do not submit a web site that is without optimized meta tags AND optimized page copy text or under construction. A search engine wants valuable web page content for their users. Expecting them to rank your web pages when they are incomplete or lacking sufficient "relevant" information will simply result in poor ranking positions.

At, we ONLY SUBMIT AFTER optimizing your site for MAXIMUM RESULTS!
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