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* How Does Help My Business?
What is Search Engine Optimization?
What is a Search Engine Algorithm?
What Are Optimized Meta Tags?
Do You Have a Ranking Guarantee?
How Quickly Could Our Campaign Begin?
What Does Your FREE Meta Tag Evaluation Tell Me?
What Happens During a Campaign?
How Long Before I See Results?
Do You Provide Ranking Reports?
Can We Do This Ourselves?
Are Software Programs to Optimize My Site Any Good?
Will You Service Similar Clients?
Do I Really Need Traffic From Search Engines?
How Many Keywords Do You Optimize For?

* How Does Help My Business?
Answer - We give your web site IMPROVED search engine visibility! When you consider that those using search engines are entering very specific words, it's a fair assumption that if YOUR SITE is ranked on the FIRST PAGE of each search engine related to KEYWORDS relevant to your site, you WILL DO MORE BUSINESS. With clients worldwide in all sorts of categories, our 5 years of experience will generate favorable results for your online presence as well. - TOP OF PAGE

* What is Search Engine Optimization?
Answer - Search engine optimization is preparing your web site to be "search engine friendly" so that when submistted, the search engine's determine your site highly relevant. The more relevant a page is for the targeted keywords, generally the higher the positioning in the engines. Although other factors combined with optimization ultimately determine rankings, (such as link popularity etc.), optimization should be well thought and just as important as image selection and design. - TOP OF PAGE

* What is a Search Engine Algorithm?
Answer - An algorithm is a search engines list of requirements your site must comply to in order to achieve the highest ranking possible. Each engine has different algorithms to determine the relevancy of a website. - TOP OF PAGE

* What Are Optimized Meta Tags?
Answer - Bits of code that talk to the search engine robots and spiders. What? Each web page you'd like to achieve rankings for should have optimized meta tags that provide the search engine with helpful information in order to understand what the page is about. These robots and spiders as they're called gather this info from your web page and take the info back to their index repository until the engine runs an index update. Optimized meta tags help the engines help you! - TOP OF PAGE

* Do You Have a Ranking Guarantee?
Answer - YES! provides guaranteed top 5 or better search engine rankings.
See our Ranking Guarantee Policy for details.- TOP OF PAGE

* How Quickly Could Our Campaign Begin?
Answer - As soon as you place your order, either online or over the phone. We will evaluate your site, conduct the necessary research to determine suitable keywords, and provide you with the OPTIMIZED META TAGS to install into your web pages. Once this is completed (generally 2-3 business days), we will begin the Submission process with Reporting to begin about 30-45 days later. This allows enough time to pass for the engines to include our first round of submission in their index update. Get started today! - TOP OF PAGE

* What Does Your FREE Meta Tag Evaluation Tell Me?
Answer - You can request a "FREE Meta Tag Evaluation" of your site. We will detail what, if anything is wrong with your current (meta tags - bits of code in a web page that search engine robots collect to help determine your rankings). If there are any violations, we will tell you what they are and why. Our report is free for the asking and is generally emailed to you within 48 hours. - TOP OF PAGE

* What Happens During a Campaign?
Answer - Only AFTER optimized meta tags and other web page enhancements have been completed on your site. We submit generally each month and provide you with a position report which details keyword term rankings in all the engines we submit to. Once top rankings are achieved in a particular engine, we skip the next months submission and resume only if their is a decline in the ranking positions for that engine. - TOP OF PAGE

* How Long Before I See Results?
Answer - Before we ever submit, we verify that the "optimized meta tags" we created for your web page have been added correctly. Engines participating in Express Submissions will include your links within 72 hours of our submissions with remaining engines usually inluding your links over a 30-45 day period. - TOP OF PAGE

* Do You Provide Ranking Reports?
Answer - Yes, see our own Ranking Report as an example. Position reports are emailed on a monthly basis. The area at the top of the report is called a Visibility Summary and is used to document the total number of TOP # 1 rankings as well as TOP 5, TOP 10, TOP 20 and TOP 30 rankings for your web pages. - TOP OF PAGE

* Can We Do This Ourselves?
Answer - Anyone who is willing to commit the time needed to learn can achieve improved results just as WE COULD learn your business provided we wanted to commit the time. SEO or Search Engine Optimization has quickly become a very SPECIALIZED segment of the Internet. Since many of the search engines continually change their formulas which determine ranking positions (called algorithms), in order to improve engine search results. Most companies outsource this service to save time, save money and benefit from the level of experience a professional SEO company like has gained by making search engine optimization OUR core business. - TOP OF PAGE

* Are Software Programs to Optimize My Site Any Good?
Answer - Some. Unfortunately many of them become quickly out-dated due to the fact that the search engines are constantly changing their algorithms. Worse yet, many of these auto-submitters have been banned due to violations of the "use policy" of the engines. Therefore using one of these softwares could get your site banned from the engine index altogether. - TOP OF PAGE

* Will You Service Similar Clients?
Answer - Although it is unlikely that 2 clients will have identical objectives, we handle exclusivity on a case by case basis. - TOP OF PAGE

* Do I Really Need Traffic From Search Engines?
Answer - Unless your name is Nike, Kodak, Target or any other billion dollar company with significant budgets for advertising on TV, Radio, Magazines or a host of other mediums. You might want to take advantage of all the targeted traffic that the search engines are willing to send your way by simply providing them optimized web pages to rank and make available to their users. Keep in mind, the engines must provide the MOST RELEVANT results to their users in order to keep PAGE VIEWS high. That way they can justify those expensive banner advertisments that Nike, Kodak, Target... you get the idea! ;-) - TOP OF PAGE

* How Many Keywords Do You Optimize For?
Answer - The service package you select largely dictates the total number of keyword terms we can get your site rankings for. Typically, it is not possible to effectively optimize any single web page for more than 3 to 4 keyword phrase terms. This is because most engine algorithms are configured to measure "keyword density" and "keyword prominance" on each web page. Successful optimization means setting these variables so your web page will be have the best "relevancy" scores when compared to other web pages competing for the same keyword terms. There are however, many other variables that factor in to the overall ranking algorithm for each engine. - TOP OF PAGE

* Participating Search Engines In Campaigns
Yahoo! - AOL - Google - Alta Vista - Open Directory - Lycos - Teoma - LookSmart
Netscape - MSN Search - Overture - HotBot - All The Web - Ask Jeeves - Excite - About

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